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Clerk's Summary of Fees

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CLERK'S SUMMARY OF FEE - Effective: December 1, 2023

[Cash will not be accepted for any payments.]

(See Administrative Order 2021-09 and Local Rule 5081-1)

(See also 28 USC §1930 and Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule). For information on fees for Remote Electronic Access See the Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule.

Debtors may only pay filing fees by money order, cashier's or "official" checks made payable to "Clerk, U.S. Court" or electronic payment using a debit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House) bank-to-bank transaction in which payment is withdrawn directly from a bank account to another.  See Local Rule 5081-1 for payment option by parties other than debtors for case filing fees and for methods of payment accepted for fees other than case filing fees.  Overpayments of less than $25 are not refundable [see LR 5081-1(D)].  Child support creditors seeking fee waivers must file the U.S. Courts Director's Form "Appearance of Child Support Creditor or Representative".  Information for individual debtor on paying filing fees in installments or obtaining a chapter 7 waiver is contained in the "Clerk's Filing Instructions" and posted on the court's website.


  Chapter 7 (Voluntary and Involuntary) $ 338.00
  Chapter 9 $ 1,738.00
  Chapter 11 (Voluntary and Involuntary) $ 1,738.00
  Chapter 11 Railroad $ 1,571.00
  Chapter 12 $ 278.00
  Chapter 13 $ 313.00
  Chapter 15 - Recognition of a Foreign Proceeding (11 U.S.C. Section 1501) $ 1,738.00


  Motion by Party or Notice of Conversion filed by Debtor from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 $ 25.00
  Motion by Party or Notice of Conversion filed by Debtor from Chapter 12 to Chapter 7 $ 60.00
  Motion of Conversion Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 $ 15.00
All conversion fees listed below are to be paid at the time the case in converted.  
  Chapter 7 to Chapter 13 or Chapter 12 $ 0
  Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 (by Debtor Only other than reconversion) $ 922.00
  Chapter 11 to Chapter 12 or Chapter 13 $ 0
  Chapter 12 to Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 $ 0
  Chapter 13 to Chapter 11 (by Debtor Only other than reconversion) $ 932.00
  Chapter 13 to Chapter 12 $ 0


Fee is equal to the current filing fee for the chapter under which the new case will commence and is due upon the filing of the motion requesting division of a joint case
  Chapter 7 $ 338.00
  Chapter 11 $ 1,738.00
  Chapter 12 $ 278.00
  Chapter 13 $ 313.00


  Complaint (by Chapter 7 or 13 Debtor no Fee Required) $ 350.00
  Notice of Removal (unless Notice is filed by the debtor or on behalf of the U.S.A.) $ 350.00


  Chapter 7 $ 260.00
  Chapter 9 $ 1,167.00
  Chapter 11 $ 1,167.00
  Chapter 11 Railroad $ 1,000.00
  Chapter 12 $ 200.00
  Chapter 13 $ 235.00
  Chapter 15 $ 1,167.00
NOTE:  Pursuant to Local Rule 5010-1(A) the filing fee for a motion to reopen a Bankruptcy Code case is due at the time of filing of the motion. The court may waive this fee under appropriate circumstances or may defer payment of the fee from trustees pending discovery of additional assets. Also see Local Rule 5010-1(A) for exceptions to the reopening fee requirement.   


  Motion to Redact Court Record(s) (per affected case/per motion) $ 28.00
  Motion to Vacate or Modify the Automatic Stay pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 362(d) $ 199.00
  (Relief from Co-Debtor Stay, No Fee Required)  
  Motion to Compel Abandonment of Property of the Estate pursuant to FRBP 6007(b) $ 199.00
  Motion to Withdraw Reference of a Case pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 157(d) $ 199.00
  Motion to Sell Property of the Estate Free and Clear of Liens pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §  363(f) $ 199.00
  Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice (due at filing of motion) $ 200.00


  Notice of Appeal (or Cross Appeal) $ 298.00
  Notice of Appeal (with Motion for Leave to Appeal) $ 5.00
          (Upon granting of a Motion for Leave to Appeal Docketing fee is required) $ 293.00
  Request for Direct (or Cross Appeal) to Court of Appeals $ 0
          (Upon authorizing the request for Direct/Cross Appeal Docketing fee is required) $ 307.00


Amendments to schedules D, or E/F; to add creditors, change amounts owed, and/or change classification (See Clerk's Instructions for Preparing, Submitting and Obtaining Service Matrices) $ 34.00
Amendments to Creditor Matrix (add or delete), if filed separately $ 34.00


  Copies, reproduction of any document (per page) (non-electronic) $ .50
  Copies of any electronic record printed at courthouse public computer terminal (per page) $ .10
  Reproduction of an Audio Recording of a Court Proceeding (CD) (see Local Form 13) $ 34.00
  Reproduction and transmission in any manner of a copy of an electronic record stored outside of the court's electronic case management system $ 33.00


  For any payment returned or denied for insufficient funds, or reversed due to a chargeback $ 53.00
  Certification of a Document $ 12.00
  Exemplification of a document (plus Certification and copy fee) $ 24.00 +
  Records Search per name or item (plus Certification fee) $ 34.00 +
  Miscellaneous Proceeding (filing or indexing a paper where no previous fee was paid, i.e. Registration of Foreign Judgement) $ 52.00
  Transfer of Claim $ 28.00
  Retrieval by clerk of records from Federal Archives (see Local Form 88) $ 70.00
  Retrievals involving multiple boxes (for each additional box) $ 43.00
  Electronic retrievals using SmartScan ($11 Judiciary Administrative Fee + $9.90 FRC Fee + $.65 per PDF page) $ 11.00 +
  Registry, Handling Charge (see Administrative Order 16-03 and 16-07)  


  See Notice of Judicial Conference Maximum Transcript Rates Payment must be made payable directly to the Transcriber and NOT to the Clerk's Office  
(Effective 12/01/2023)