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NextGen CM/ECF Information!

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CM/ECF NextGen is LIVE!

NextGen enables single-login access to all federal courts – appellate, district, and bankruptcy - in which the user is eligible to practice. The single point of entry is called Central Sign-On (CSO), and access for all e-filing and query function is through PACER.


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Attorneys, Law Firm Staff, Trustees, and Trustee Offices:

Read the following carefully and follow all instructions.



DO THIS NOW: Every e-filer must have their own PACER account. After the court has transitioned to NextGen on April 4th, the PACER account must be linked with the court-issued CM/ECF account. Shared PACER accounts cannot be used. Review the following as needed:

              Obtain your own individual PACER account – “Register for an Account”.

              PACER’s “Getting Started” Guide (for first-time users of PACER and CM/ECF).

              Registration FAQs – Why firms must not share a PACER account.

              Filing Agents – Register for a non-attorney account.

NOTE: New attorneys, those who do not currently e-file in the Southern District of Florida, must complete a local registration form before being granted access to NextGen. Go to: and select LF-95.


DO THIS NOW: Every e-filer must have an upgraded PACER account. Upgrade your account now if you have not already done so. ONLY upgraded accounts will work with NextGen.

              How do I upgrade my account?

              Step-by-step guide: Upgrading Your PACER Account


DO THIS ON OR AFTER April 4th, 2022: Every e-filer must link their upgraded PACER account to their court-issued CM/ECF account. Note the following:

  1. YOU MUST KNOW YOUR CURRENT CM/ECF LOGIN AND PASSWORD BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO LINK YOUR TWO ACCOUNTS. Use this sheet to record your court-issued information: “NextGen Preparation E-filer Information”.
    1. Know that existing web browser links will no longer work after April 4th.
    2. If your account credentials are stored in a web browser, know that your court-issued credentials will no longer work after April 4th.
    3. The court does not have access to your current login and password.
    4. If you don’t know your court-issued credentials, reset your password before March 26, 2022.
  1. Instructions – “Linking Your Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF Account”. This is a one-time process that is done after the court is live on NextGen; do it on or after April 4th



How do I know if I have an upgraded PACER account? From the PACER website, log into “Manage My Account” and check your “Account Type”, or click on any of the options under the Settings tab. You will be prompted to upgrade your account.

              Manage My Account

              How do I upgrade my account?

After April 4, 2022, each attorney and filing agent must have an individual PACER account to use in NextGen. Law firms may setup a PACER Administrative Account (PAA) to manage the billing for individual attorneys’ accounts and PACER access fees. NOTE: PAAs are for firm account management only and do not have access to case information or filing privileges.

              Information regarding PACER Administrative Accounts (PAA)

              Register for a PACER Administrative Account

Additional information regarding NextGen can be found at Get Ready for NextGen. A list of FAQ topics are located at:

Questions regarding PACER accounts should be directed to the PACER Service Center at:

              PACER Service Center website:

              PACER email address:

              PACER Service Center: (800) 676-6856


Welcome to NextGen: A Guide to E-Filing in FLMB, FLNB, and FLSB.

Note: You will continue to use your CM/ECF login and password to file electronically in CM/ECF courts that have not completed a migration to NextGen. To see a list of the courts currently using NextGen CM/ECF, Click Here. Eventually, NextGen CM/ECF will be instituted in all federal courts (appellate, district and bankruptcy).