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Current Administrative Orders and General Orders

Order Number Order Name
GO 2021-02 Vaccination Policy Addressing Exigent Circumstances Created by the COVID-19 Pandemic
GO 2021-01 Judicial Assignment of Chapter 11 and Chapter 15 Cases Filed After July 9, 2021 and Assigned Under Local Rule 1073-1(A) to the Miami Division
GO 2020-04 Order Adopting 2020 Holiday Closing Schedule of United States District Court, Southern District of Florida
GO 2020-03 Assignment of New Cases and Adversary Proceedings, and Reassignment of Pending Cases Upon Appointment of Bankruptcy Judge Peter D. Russin
AO 2021-09 Amendment of Local Rule 5081-1 to Reflect Change in Policy on Acceptable Forms of Payment for Fees Collected by Clerk of Court
AO 2021-08 Adoption of: I. Interim Local Rules 2002-1(F), 9073-1(B) and 9073-1(D) (to reflect modifications to service requirements for notices of hearings); and II. Interim Local Rule 3002.1-1(B) (technical amendment)
AO 2021-07 Reducing the Clerk’s Office Intake Hours of Operation to Serve the Public for In-Person Filings
AO 2021-06 Expanding the Bankruptcy Court to Allow Fewer Restrictions for In-Person Hearings, and Expanding the Clerk’s Office Intake Hours to Service the Public for In-Person Filings
AO 2021-04 Abrogation of Local Rule 3017-3, Court Guidelines for Prepackaged Chapter 11 Cases, and Clerk’s Instructions for Chapter 11 Cases
AO 2021-03 Formation of Pro Bono Committee; and Adoption of By-Laws
AO 2021-02 Adoption of Student Loan Program for Debtors in Chapter 13 Cases
AO 2021-01 Procedures for the Filing, Service, and Management of Highly Sensitive Documents
AO 2020-13 1) Clarifying Status of Administrative Order 2020-06; 2) Setting Forth Requirements for Use of Digital Signature Software and 3) Readopting Provisions Establishing Procedures for Admission of Direct Evidence Through Declarations or Affidavits
AO 2020-12 Adoption of Amended Local Rules and Clarification of Status of Local Forms, Court Guidelines, Clerk's Instructions, and Administrative Orders
AO 2020-11 (I) Modification of the Automatic Stay to Facilitate Forbearance Agreements During COVID-19 and (II) Amendments to and Modifications of Chapter 13 Plans to Accommodate Forbearance Agreements
AO 2020-08 Order Amending Interim SBRA Bankruptcy Rule 1020
AO 2020-07 I) Temporarily Closing Clerk's Office Intake to the Public; and II) Expanding Filing Options for Self-Represented Parties During COVID-19 Outbreak
AO 2020-05 Order Regarding Certain Deadlines
AO 2020-04 Order Granting Relief from Discharge Injunction to Enter into Agreement to Refinance or Modify Debt Secured by Lien on Homestead
AO 2020-02 Adoption of Interim SBRA Bankruptcy Rules
AO 2018-07 Adoption of Revised Schedule of Transcript Rates
AO 2018-06 Amendment to Membership of Standing Bankruptcy Lawyers Advisory Committee
AO 2018-05 Formation of Lawyers Advisory Committee; and Adoption of By-Laws
AO 2018-03 Adoption of Guidelines for Communication and Cooperation Between Courts in Cross-Border Insolvency Matters
AO 2018-02 Adoption of "Procedures for Referrals by the Court of Certain Suspected Bankruptcy Crimes" and clarification of Status of Administrative Order 2017-03
AO 2016-07 Adoption of Modified Provisions Authorizing and Implementing Court Registry Investment System (“CRIS”) Previously Adopted Under AO 16-03
AO 2016-03 Authorization and Implementation of Court Registry Investment System (“CRIS”)
AO 2014-05 In the Matter of the Appointment of the Clerk for the Southern District of Florida
AO 2014-03 Adoption of Mortgage Modification Mediation Program and Status of Loss Mitigation Mediation Program Adopted Under AO-01
AO 2012-03 Order Clarifying Status of Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I
AO 2008-02 Order Establishing New Compensation Rate for Mediators and Clarifying Effective Date of New Rate
AO 2007-09 Adoption of Policy Regarding Emergency Closure of Courthouses in the Event of Hazardous Weather Conditions