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Courtroom Technology

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Presentation Equipment

Courtrooms in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach are equipped with presentation systems. Monitors are available at the bench, witness stand, counsel tables, and for those seated in the gallery.

The electronic presentation facilities available in the courtroom include:

(a) a lectern camera system that allows viewing of documentary evidence by the Court, other counsel, witnesses, and the gallery, without the need for multiple paper copies

(b) the ability to present documentary, video, and audio evidence via laptop plugged directly into the court’s audio-video system

(c) CD audio playback capability

(d) DVD and VHS video playback capability

The display system includes touch-screen technology that allows counsel and other parties to annotate documents on the display using a finger or stylus to “write” on the screen.

Using the Equipment

Parties are encouraged to use the technology available in the courtroom. Contact the Judge's Chambers to arrange an opportunity to test your presentation on the courtroom equipment prior to your hearing.