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Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. (Recall)

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To schedule a judicial settlement conference with Judge Hyman, please contact Martha K. Ortman, Senior Case Administrator at (561) 514-4138.

If directed to submit an order via Zoom only, please include all four paragraphs immediately below:

The Court shall conduct [INSERT HEARING INFORMATION] on [INSERT DATE AND TIME] solely by videoconference. To participate in the hearing remotely via Zoom (whether by video or by telephone), you must register in advance no later than 3:00 p.m., one business day before the date of the hearing.

To register, click on or enter the following registration link in a browser:

If a party is unable to register online, please contact Susan Gutierrez, Courtroom Deputy, at 305-714-1778, or email

All participants must observe the formalities of the courtroom, exercise civility, and otherwise conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the dignity of the Court. This includes appropriate courtroom attire.

All Status Conference/Pretrial calendar dates for 2023 will be posted here. To continue a status conference/pretrial conference, attorneys should file an appropriate motion seeking a continuance to one of the dates listed below.

January 1:30 pm July 13 1:30 pm
February 27 1:30 pm August 10 1:30 pm
March 20 1:30 pm September 14 1:30 pm
April 17 1:30 pm October 12 1:30 pm
May 22 1:30 pm November 9 1:30 pm
June 26 1:30 pm December 14 1:30 pm



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