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Entry of Administrative Orders 16-5, 16-6 and 16-7

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Administrative Order 16-05 “Adoption of Interim Local Rule 2090-1” amends Local Rule 2090-1 to provide that certain pro bono activities can be applied toward this court’s CLE credit requirements to be qualified to practice in this court. Additionally, the rule has been amended to make clear that District Court Local Rule 4(b)(2) applies to attorneys appearing in bankruptcy court. As a result of amendment to Local Rule 2090-1, most of the local forms which contain reference Local Rule 2090-1 have been amended to reflect corrected rule cites resulting from renumbering. These forms will reflect a revision date of 12/1/16.

Administrative Order 16-06 “Adoption of Interim Local Rules 1010-1 and 3070-1” amends Local Rules 1010-1 and 3070-1 to technically conform to Bankruptcy Rule amendments effective 12/1/16. As a result of amendments to Local Rule 1010-1 and Bankruptcy Rule 1010 the Director’s Form “Summons in a Chapter 15 Case Seeking Recognition of a Foreign Nonmain Proceeding” is no longer required and this court’s Clerk’s Filing Instructions have been amended to reflect this change.

Administrative Order 16-07 “Adoption of Modified Provisions Authorizing and Implementing Court Registry Investment System (“CRIS”) Previously Adopted Under AO 16-03” amends this court’s prior authorization and implementation order for CRIS by expanding authority to permit CRIS to manage certain interpleader funds deposited into the Court’s registry account and also to incorporate amendments to the Judicial Conference Bankruptcy Fee Schedule item for registry funds which are effective 12/1/16.

Please Note: As a result of entry of Administrative Orders 16-5 and 16-6, the Local Rules of this court are amended effective 12/1/16 to reflect adoption of Interim Local Rules 1010-1, 2090-1 and 3070-1. In addition to the local form revisions mentioned above, effective 12/1/16, this court’s “Order Setting Filing and Disclosure Requirements for Pretrial and Trial” has been amended in section 1(b) in conjunction with amendment to Bankruptcy Rules 7008 and 7012.

Copies of these administrative orders and the amended local rules, instructions and forms are available on the court’s web site

Joe Falzone
Clerk of Court

United States Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Florida
301 North Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33128


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