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Credit Counseling

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Credit Counseling AND Photo Identification REQUIREMENT

a) You must complete a credit counseling course BEFORE you file a petition with the court.

  • Individual debtors (NOT business debtors) are required to obtain credit counseling from an approved provider within 180 days before filing the petition and submit the Certificate of Credit Counseling with their petition. When spouses file a joint bankruptcy case, both spouses must take the class and obtain their own separate Certificates of Completion. Failure to do so could cause your case to be dismissed.
  • Read this important warning notice [Spanish] [Creole] about the consumer credit counseling course you must complete before you file your petition.
  • For a list of approved providers of this consumer credit counseling course, you can go to the US Trustee List of Approved Credit Counselors.

b) Photo Identification Requirement

  • If you are filing without an attorney, you must present photo id when filing your petition. See photo id requirement notice for more information.