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Case Information and Noticing (Creditor)

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Case Information

You may call the court’s automated McVCIS (Multi-Court Voice Case Information System) at (866) 222-8029 [Press #74 for the Southern District of Florida] to search for case information. You may access the electronic case docket for free at public computer terminals at each clerk’s office location or for a fee using PACER [See Instructions for Electronic Public Access Services]


Received a Notice

If the debtor listed you as a creditor on the mailing matrix when the case was filed, you should receive a clerk’s notice of commencement of case no later than 7-10 days after the filing which will provide you with important information about and instructions for the case that was filed. You should read any notice carefully to determine what deadlines and other information apply to you. The clerk’s office can not provide legal advice, including whether you must respond to a notice or whether you must appear at a hearing. If you are uncertain what to do, you may wish to obtain the advice of an attorney.

Request a Notice

To receive notices in a bankruptcy case the debtor must have listed you on the mailing matrix of creditors when the case was filed or you must file a written notice of appearance with the court. You will also be added to the mailing matrix when you file a proof of claim in an asset case (a case where funds will be available for distribution to creditors). If the address supplied by the debtor as your address is not correct or if you change your address during the time the case is proceeding, you must notify the court in writing of your current address.

IMPORTANT: If your correct and current address is not listed in the court records, you will not receive notices in the case and, if dividends are distributed to creditors, your dividend check may not reach you.

The clerk’s office automatically sends the following notices to parties who are listed in a case at the time the notice is sent:

  • Notice of Commencement of Case
  • Discharge of Debtor (if applicable)
  • Order Dismissing Case (if applicable)