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Taxation of Appellate Costs by Clerk

Local Rule Number: 
Rule 8021-1
8000 Series

(A)       Authority to Tax Costs.  The clerk shall only tax those costs as permitted by Bankruptcy Rule 8021(c) and in accordance with the court’s “Guidelines for Taxation of Costs”.

(B)       Local Form Bill of Costs.  Parties requesting taxation of allowed costs shall submit to the clerk a proposed Local Form “Bill of Costs” and file a certificate of service in accordance with Local Rule 2002-1(F).   The clerk may require the submission of supporting documentation prior to determination of the bill of costs.

(C)       Deadline for Filing.  The proposed bill of costs shall be submitted not later than 14 days after entry of the judgment on appeal of the district court.

(D)       Notice to Parties of Costs Taxed by Clerk.  The clerk shall review the proposed bill of costs and tax costs on 14 days’ notice.  The issued bill of costs shall be served by the clerk on all required parties.

(E)       Court Review of Costs Taxed by Clerk. On an objection filed and served within 14 days as provided under Bankruptcy Rule 8021(d), the action of the clerk under section (D) of this Rule, may be reviewed by the court.

[Comment: See also Bankruptcy Rule 7054 and Local Rule 7054-1 (taxation of costs in adversary proceeding) and 28 U.S.C. §§1920 – 1924.]

☞2015 Amendment: Local Rules 8001-1 through 8014-1 have been amended and renumbered as necessary to conform with amendments to federal rules, United States District Court, Southern District of Florida local rules and amendments to local form name. Section (F) of former local rule number 8014-1 now 8021-1 was removed as not within the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy court local rules.