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Identification and Certification of Attorney; and Verification of Debtor’s Social Security Number

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Rule 9011-4
9000 Series

(A)       Identification of Attorney.

(1)     Required Signature Block.  In the signature block on all court papers signed electronically or conventionally, the attorney must be identified by name, state bar number, complete mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and the name of the party who the attorney represents.

(2)     Login and Password for Attorneys Filing as “Registered Users” of CM/ECF.

(a)        The clerk will assign a unique login and an initial password to each registered user which is that registered user’s signature on electronic documents for all purposes, including those under Bankruptcy Rule 9011, 28 U.S.C. §1746, and this court’s local rules.  A registered user’s electronic signature has the same force and effect as if the registered user signed a paper copy of the document being filed.  If a registered user authorizes one or more employees to use the login and password or if the registered user’s login and password is used without authorization, the registered user is responsible for such use and, in the event of unauthorized use, must notify the clerk and immediately take the necessary steps to deactivate access.

(b)       Attorneys shall not share an assigned login and password with other attorneys for the purpose of having documents filed in CM/ECF.  The typewritten name of the filing registered user must appear on the document and match the login name of that registered user’s ECF account.

(B)     Certification of Attorney.  Papers filed by an attorney appearing:

(1)        as a qualified attorney pursuant to Local Rule 2090-1(A), must contain this certification: “I hereby certify that I am admitted to the Bar of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida and I am in compliance with the additional qualifications to practice in this court set forth in Local Rule 2090-1(A)”.  The certification requirement of this provision shall not apply to registered users of CM/ECF appearing in this court under Local Rule 2090-1(A), if they have previously signed a “CM/ECF Full Filing Attorney Agreement” which contains the same certification requirements.

(2)        pro hac vice pursuant to Local Rule 2090-1(B)(2), must contain this certification:  “I hereby certify that the undersigned attorney is appearing pro hac vice in this matter pursuant to court order dated (date)”.  This certification shall be placed in papers in the locations described in subdivision (1) above.

(C)      Verification of Debtor’s Social Security Number. In individual debtor cases filed in CM/ECF, the registered user must obtain the debtor(s)’ original signature(s) on a paper copy of the Official Bankruptcy Form “Statement About Your Social Security Numbers” (including any amendments), and must keep the original signed document for the time provided by Local Rule 9011-1 and file the form with the court. In accordance with the federal judiciary’s privacy policy, the PDF image of the document which contains the debtor’s complete social security or other individual taxpayer identification number will not be available for public viewing. The registered user must verify that the social security number (or other individual taxpayer identification number provided on the Official Bankruptcy Form “Statement About Your Social Security Numbers” is the same number entered in CM/ECF and appearing on the §341 notice of commencement of case to ensure correct numbers are reflected in the court’s records.

(D)       [Abrogated] 

☞2020 Amendment: Local Rule 9011-4(D) is abrogated and is substituted by Local Rule 9011-1.