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Registry Funds; Deposit in Court

Local Rule Number: 
Rule 7067-1
7000 Series

(A)       Court Registry Investment System.  By administrative order, the Court has authorized that all funds deposited with the Court registry shall be maintained in an interest-bearing accoun in the Court Registry Investment System (“CRIS”), which is administered by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts.

(B)       Fee.  Registry account funds shall be assessed fees from interest earnings in the amount set forth in the Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule and in the manner described in this Court’s administrative order authorizing “CRIS”.

(C)       Deposit and Withdrawal.   In addition to the requirements of Local Rules 5080-1 and 5081-1, registry account funds shall be deposited and withdrawn only pursuant to order of the court or a statute.  

(D)       Exceptions.

(1)      Funds Deposited Under 11 U.S.C. §362(l).  Notwithstanding provision (A) of this rule, any funds deposited with the clerk under §362(l), shall be deposited into the non-interest bearing treasury account of the court.  The court shall order the clerk to disburse these funds only upon the filing of a motion served on all affected parties.  Reference in this rule to funds deposited under §362(l), is not a finding by this court that the prerequisite for depositing money into the court registry under §362(l)(l)(A), exists under Florida law.

(2)      Funds Deposited Directly Into U.S. Treasury Account.  Unclaimed funds deposited under Local Rule 3011-1 by a trustee or disbursement agent in a chapter 11 case, shall be deposited directly into the U.S. Treasury Account. Neither registry fees nor interest shall accrue on these funds.