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Pretrial Procedure

Local Rule Number: 
Rule 7016-1
7000 Series

(A)       Scheduling Conference Requirements Inapplicable.  The provisions of Rule 16(b) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure shall be inapplicable to cases or proceedings in this court.

[Comment: See Federal Rule 16(b) (opt-out provision) and Local Rule 87.1 of the United States District Court (bankruptcy court’s authority to enact local rules).]

(B)       Pretrial Orders.  The clerk will electronically generate and docket the “Order Setting Filing and Disclosure Requirements” in an adversary proceeding and transmit it to the plaintiff who must serve the order together with the summons and complaint on all defendants in accordance with the federal and local rules.

[Comment: See also Local Rules 7026-1 (discovery).]