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Orders – Proposed

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Rule 9072-1
9000 Series

Registered Users shall upload proposed orders and judgments to the judge in electronic format using the E-Orders program in CM/ECF, or in word processing format to an electronic mailbox designated by the court in accordance with the court’s “Guidelines for Preparing, Submitting and Serving Orders”.  Conventional filers shall conform to the format requirements set forth in the “Guidelines” when submitting proposed orders and judgments in paper.  Notwithstanding this provision, proposed orders submitted pursuant to Local Rule 5005-1(G)(1)(b), which requires parties in matters set for hearing on an emergency basis to bring proposed orders to court hearings, shall continue to be brought to the hearings and submitted conventionally.  Conventionally signed orders will be converted to electronic format and docketed by the clerk.

[Comment: See Local Rules 5005-1(G) (submittal and service of proposed orders) and 9021-1 (judgments), and Bankruptcy Rules 7054 and 9021 (judgments).]