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Filing of Plan and Disclosure Statement in Standard Chapter 11 Cases

Local Rule Number: 
Rule 3016-2
3000 Series

(A)       Order Setting Disclosure Hearing.  In all standard (non-small business) chapter 11 cases, the court shall enter an “Order (I) Setting Hearing to Consider Approval of Disclosure Statement; (II) Setting Deadline for Filing Objections to Disclosure Statement; and (III) Directing Plan Proponent to Serve Notice” which must be served by the proponent of the chapter 11 plan.

(B)       Order Setting Confirmation Hearing.  Upon approval of the disclosure statement, the court shall enter the “Order (I) Approving Disclosure Statement; (II) Setting Hearing on Confirmation of Plan; (III) Setting Hearing on Fee Applications; (IV) Setting Various Deadlines; and (V) Describing Plan Proponent’s Obligations” which must be served by the plan proponent.

[Comment: See also “Guidelines for Preparing, Submitting, and Serving Orders” (blanks for deadlines in form order shall be left blank).]