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Rule 4003-1
4000 Series

(A)       Amendment of Claimed Exemptions; Modification of Deadline to Object to Claimed Exemptions.  When amending the schedule of property claimed as exempt to add assets not previously listed, the debtor shall serve a copy of the schedule on the trustee, and shall serve notice on all creditors and attorneys of record, or if applicable, those parties required to be served pursuant to Local Rule 2002-1(H), of the filing of the amendment and the extended deadline described in Bankruptcy Rule 4003(b) and subdivision (B) of this rule, and file a certificate of service in accordance with Local Rule 2002-1(F).

(B)       Deadline to Object in Converted Cases.  Except as provided in Bankruptcy Rule 1019(2)(B), upon conversion of an individual case, a new deadline to object to property claimed as exempt shall be 30 days after the conclusion of the post-conversion meeting of creditors or within 30 days after any amendment to the list or supplemental schedule is filed, whichever is later.

[Comment: See also Bankruptcy Rule 1009 and Local Rules 1009-1 (amendments to schedules) and 2002-1(F) (Certificate of service required).]