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Rule 5071-1
5000 Series

Requests for continuances of scheduled hearings shall be in the form of a motion, and must:

(A)       state with particularity the grounds for the motion;

(B)       indicate whether a continuance previously has been granted and whether the opposing party consents;

(C)       certify that the client consents to the continuance; and

(D)       be filed at the earliest practical opportunity prior to the hearing.

The moving party shall submit a proposed order which provides blank spaces for the date and time of the rescheduled hearing in the event that the court grants the motion for continuance without hearing.  Motions for continuance will be granted only under exceptional circumstances, and may be considered by the court without a hearing.  The stipulation of all parties is not sufficient grounds, standing alone, for a continuance.

[Comment: Compare Local Rule 7090-1 (continuance of status conference and pretrial conference and trial).  See also Local Rule 9013-1(C)(8) (no hearing necessary on motion for continuance).]