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Confirmation of Chapter 11 Plans

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Rule 3020-1
3000 Series

(A)       Deadline for Objections to Confirmation.  Objections to confirmation of a plan shall be filed at least 14 days before the confirmation hearing; provided, however, that in a small business case, objections shall be filed at least three business days before the confirmation hearing.

(B)       Proponent’s Report, Confirmation Affidavit, and for Individual Debtors, Certificate re Domestic Support Obligations and Filing of Tax Returns.  The proponent of a chapter 11 plan shall file the Local Form “Certificate of Proponent of Plan on Acceptance of Plan, Report on Amount to be Deposited, Certificate of Amount Deposited and Payment of Fees” and the Local Form “Confirmation Affidavit” at least three business days before the confirmation hearing.  If the debtor is an individual, the debtor shall also file the Local Form “Individual Debtor Certificate for Confirmation Regarding Payment of Domestic Support Obligations and [For Chapter 11 Cases] Filing of Required Tax Returns” at least three business days before the confirmation hearing.

(C)       Payment of Clerk’s and U.S. Trustee’s Fees.  A plan shall not be confirmed unless the plan proponent’s report required by this rule certifies that all outstanding fees payable to the clerk and the U.S. Trustee under 28 U.S.C. §1930 have been paid.

(D)       Order to be Served.  The order confirming plan shall be served pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 3017(f) and Local Rule 2002-1(C)(11).