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Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Plans

Local Rule Number: 
Rule 3015-1
3000 Series

(A)       Chapter 12 Case.

(1)       Service of Order Setting Confirmation Hearing. The “Order (I) Setting Hearing on Confirmation of Plan; (II) Setting Deadline for Filing Objections to Confirmation; (III) Setting Hearing on Fee Applications; and (IV) Directing Debtor to Serve Notice” shall be served, along with a copy of the plan, by the plan proponent in accordance with the provisions of the order.

 (2)       Objections to Confirmation. Objections to confirmation of the plan must be filed at least three business days prior to the confirmation hearing.

 [Comment: See Local Rule 2002-1(C)(11) (service of order confirming plan).]

(B)       Chapter 13 Case.

(1)        Filing of Plan.  A chapter 13 plan must conform to the Local Form “Chapter 13 Plan”.

(2)        Service of Plan on Trustee.  Copies of the Local Form “Chapter 13 Plan” shall be served as provided by Local Rule 2002-1(C)(5).

[Comment: See also Local Rules 3012-1 and 3015-3(A) (valuation of collateral), 3070-1 (plan payments must commence to the chapter 13 trustee not later than 30 days after filing the petition).]

☞2015 Amendment: Section (A) amended to reflect that the forms referenced are prepared and served by the court.