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Attorney Discipline

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Rule 2090-2
2000 Series

(A)       Contempt of Court.  Nothing in this rule shall be construed as providing an exclusive procedure for the discipline of attorneys appearing before the court in appropriate cases, nor as a limitation upon the power of the court to punish for contempt in appropriate cases.

(B)       Disciplinary Action.

(1)        Upon order to show cause entered by at least one judge, any attorney appearing before the court may, after 30 days’ notice and hearing and for good cause shown, be suspended from practice before the court, reprimanded or otherwise disciplined, by a judge whose order to show cause initiated the disciplinary proceedings.

(2)        Whenever it appears to the court that any attorney appearing before the court has been (a) disbarred or suspended from practice by the Supreme Court of Florida, (b) disbarred or suspended, for moral turpitude or ethical violations, by the highest court in any state or by any federal court, or (c) convicted of a felony in any court, such disbarment, suspension or conviction shall, 21 days afterwards, operate as an automatic suspension of the attorney’s right to practice in this court.  The attorney may file, within such 21 day period, a petition seeking relief from the operation of this subdivision, and if a timely petition is filed, suspension shall be stayed until the petition is heard and determined by a majority vote of the judges of this court.

(C)       Peer Review and Grievance Committee.  Any of the judges of this court may choose to refer an attorney to the committee established pursuant to the district court’s “Special Rules Governing the Admission and Practice of Attorneys” for proceedings by this committee and by the district court under those rules, which are adopted into these rules by reference for the purpose of such referrals.

(D)       Professional Conduct.  The professional conduct of attorneys appearing before this court shall be governed by the Model Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association as modified and adopted by the Supreme Court of Florida to govern the professional behavior of the members of The Florida Bar.

(E)        Courtroom Decorum.  The courtroom conduct of all attorneys, including, where the context applies, all persons at the counsel table, shall be governed by the guidelines set forth in the court’s “Guidelines for Courtroom Decorum”.

(F)        Waiver in Exceptional Cases.  In an exceptional case, when the interest of justice is best served, the judge before whom the matter is pending may waive the requirements of these rules.

[Comment: See also Bankruptcy Rules 2014 (employment of professionals), 2016 (compensation of professionals) and 9011 (effect of attorney’s signature), and Local Rules 2014-1, 2016-1, and 9011-4(A)(1) (attorney’s signature block).]