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Appearance by Telephone

Local Rule Number: 
Rule 9074-1
9000 Series

(A)       General Eligibility Requirements.  Unless the judge otherwise specifically directs, the appearance by telephone procedure in this rule is available only to parties who are not residents of the county in which the hearing is scheduled.  For attorneys, residence shall mean the county in which the appearing attorney’s law office is located.

(B)       Restrictions.  Telephone hearings will not be permitted for (1) evidentiary hearing; and (2) matters scheduled on a regular Chapter 13 calendar.  When a land line is available, parties will not be permitted to appear by cellular telephone except with specific permission from the court.

(C)       Procedure.  Parties requesting to participate in hearings by telephone must contact the judge’s calendar clerk at least two business days prior to the date of the hearing.  Telephone hearings may be deferred by the judge to the end of the hearing calendar, so the party must remain available for the court’s call from the scheduled hearing time until the end of the day’s hearing calendar.  The court generally will not postpone the hearing because of the party’s unavailability or telephonic transmission problems.