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Lawyers Advisory Committee Members

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The following attorneys have been appointed to serve on the Lawyer Advisory Committee for the terms indicated.  The term of service on the LAC will generally be three years; however, in order to stagger the terms, the initial terms will vary from one to three years.  Members may be reappointed by the Court for one additional three year term.  Those who have been reappointed are marked by an asterisk.  Those that are in their first term are marked by a double asterisk. Those who served the entire three year first term have no indication by their name. The President of the Bankruptcy Bar Association will always serve a one year term, which term will straddle the second half of his or her term as president and then the first of his or her term as immediate past president of the BBA.  The Chapter 13 Trustees shall, so long as there are two trustees, alternate their terms of service on the LAC.

LAC Committee Member Term Expiration
Jacqueline Calderin** 12/31/2027
Carlos Sardi, President of the Bankruptcy Bar Association of the Southern District of Florida 12/31/2027
Greg Grossman** - Vice Chairperson 12/31/2027
Dana Kaplan** 12/31/2027
Peter Kelly*, Pro Bono Committee (liaison member) 12/31/2027
Justin Lefko** 12/31/2027
Heidi Feinman* 12/31/2024
Laila Gonzalez* 12/31/2024
Craig Pugatch 12/31/2024
Raychelle Tasher** - Chairperson 12/31/2024
Robin Weiner - Standing Chapter 13 Trustee, Northern Division 12/31/2024
Jeffrey Fraser* 12/31/2025
Michael Hoffman* 12/31/2025
Christopher Jarvinen* - Immediate Past Chairperson (ex officio) and Acting Secretary 12/31/2025
John Page* 12/31/2025