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Judge John K. Olson

Divisional Office: 

1.  The standard order setting an evidentiary hearing has been updated as of September 13, 2019.  In all future evidentiary hearings, the parties shall provide a set of pre-marked exhibits to the Court, the law clerk, opposing counsel, and copies of relevant exhibits to the witness(es).  Furthermore, pursuant to Local Rule 9070-1(B)(2), ALL exhibits shall also be submitted to the Courtroom Deputy in electronic Portable Document Format (PDF) and stored on a USB flash drive or compact disc.  Each individual PDF file shall be limited to a single exhibit of a file size no greater than 10MB and shall contain a unique identification name (e.g., Plaintiff's Exhibit 1 or Defendant's Exhibit A).

2.  Pursuant to Local Rule 5005-1(G)(1)(c), the prevailing party in a hearing or trial shall submit a proposed order, in the manner directed by the court, conforming to the decision of the court, not later than 4:30 p.m. on the seventh day following the hearing or trial.  If a party fails to timely submit a proposed order, the court may dismiss the underlying matter for failure to prosecute or take other action.

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