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Bankruptcy Checklist

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An individual debtor has the right to represent himself or herself, but there are some situations that can create problems that you may not understand without the help of a lawyer. Check all that apply:

____  I expect a tax refund of $4000 or more

____  I had tax obligations assessed against me or I owe taxes to the IRS

____  I have equity in my home (the value of my home is worth more than the mortgage(s) and unpaid taxes)

____  I have personal property worth more than $5000

____  I am entitled to receive an insurance payment

____  I am currently involved in a lawsuit, either being sued or suing someone else

____  I have a reason to sue another person, business or company (Ex.: malpractice, personal injury, money owed)

____  I have a judgment against me

____  I have a pending employment or EEOC claim

____  I have a workers' compensation claim

____  I am facing foreclosure of my home

____  I am facing fines from local or state entities

____  I am filing (or already filed) a Chapter 13 case

____  I already filed for bankruptcy and received a Rule 2004 notice

____  I expect an inheritance within 6 months of filing (or within 5 years of filing if a Chapter 13 case)

____ There is a lien on my driver's license or my license has been suspended

____  I have oustanding student loans

____  I am over 2 months behind in my car payments

____  I owe past-due child support or alimony

____  I had a garnishment filed against me

____  I own real property (not including my home)

____  I own real estate somewhere else in the world

____  I own property with someone other than my spouse

____  I rent out part of my house or run a business out of a part of my house

____  My name is on the deed of someone else's property or on the title of someone else's car or truck

____  I transferred an automobile, truck, boat, personal watercraft within the last 4 years

____  I've owned a business within the last 12 months

____  I have or own an interest in a partnership, corporation or trust

____  I have limited understanding of English

____  I removed my name from a bank account in the last 4 years


If you have checked one or more spaces, you may have legal issues that will be difficult, if not impossible, to resolve without the help of a lawyer. A mistake could cause you to lose property or your bankruptcy discharge.