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BrowseAloud Information

Use your computer to read web pages out loud 

What is BrowseAloud?

BrowseAloud is a computer program that reads text on web pages for you. It works with web browsers to convert text to speech so you can  listen to text that appears on a web page as it is read aloud. Once the required software is installed, a computer-generated voice reads aloud the text based on the setting you select to suit your needs.

How does it help?

BrowseAloud helps anyone who may find it easier to listen to instead of read the words on a page. For some, they may have reading difficulty like dyslexia, for others English may be their second language and for many they have difficulty seeing text online. It is a useful tool that makes the information needed more accessible to the wide variety of people who access it each day.

How do I install it?

Click and drag the link below to your browser’s Bookmarks toolbar.


Note: for Internet Explorer 8 please right click the link and select “Add to Favorites”