Recognition of Pro Bono Volunteers


The pro bono logo was designed by Emily Lao, a student in Mr. Dale Brook’s Junior Visual Communications class at the Design and Art High School, a Miami-Dade Public magnet school. Emily’s design was selected after a competition in which all of Mr. Brook’s students in the class competed. The Court thanks Mr. Brooks, the students of the Junior Visual Communications class, and especially Emily for the beautiful new pro bono logo.

Laurel Myerson Isicoff

Chief Bankruptcy Judge


Southern District of Florida

301 North Miami Avenue, Room 150

Miami, FL  33128

(305) 714-1800

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



Dear Fellow Members of the Florida Bar,

               As Chief Judge of the Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida, I am thrilled to join U.S. District Court Judge Patricia Seitz and Third District Court of Appeal Judge Vance Salter in urging you to participate in pro bono through the use of an amazing new resource – online access capabilities to sign up for pro bono opportunities through  Those of you who know me know how passionate I am about pro bono.  We have an access to justice crisis in Florida and the bankruptcy court of the Southern District of Florida ranks as having one of the highest percentages of pro se filers in the country.  We need your help.  

               But we are all aware that it has sometimes been difficult to find an opportunity that either fits your time constraints, your professional capabilities, or your passions.  This new interactive website will make it possible for you to find that perfect opportunity whenever you go looking for it.  Need help?  As this website develops it will also include resources and mentors (as well as provide you with the opportunity to mentor someone else).

               Those of you who are active in pro bono matters in the bankruptcy courts know that we have set up referral systems in our courts.  Many of you also probably know the bankruptcy court allows up to three credits of our local admission requirements to be satisfied by taking a pro bono case or mentoring someone else who wishes to take a pro bono bankruptcy case.  This new opportunity will only enhance the system we now have, and, with your help and participation, as we develop and improve this resource, we will ultimately have a seamless system in place for all pro bono information.

               I continue to be grateful for all that you do to support pro bono efforts in Miami-Dade County and the Southern District of Florida.  I am honored to join Judge Seitz and Judge Salter in introducing you to this tremendous opportunity.  Together we will make something good happen!  Thank you again.

                                                                                                       Very truly yours,


                                                                                                       Laurel Myerson Isicoff

                                                                                                          Chief Judge, United States Bankruptcy Court





The Judges of the Bankruptcy Court thank the following lawyers for taking a bankruptcy case pro bono for the months of November 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017.


Magda Abdo-Gomez

Kenneth S. Abrams

Thomas L Abrams

Tesha R. Allison

Teresa M. Alvarez

Sonia Y. Amador

Marc Barmat

Jeffrey Bast

Owei Z. Belleh

Jeffrey S. Berlowitz

Carlos M. Cabral

David Carter

Carlos R. Caso

Brian Cohen

Alan Crane

Mario R Delgado

Christian Diaz

Eduardo Dieppa, III

Elias L. Dsouza

Morgan Edelboim

Brett Elam

Maria I. Escoto-Castiello

Adela D. Estopinan

Steven Fender

Gary Freedman

Michael A. Friedman

Robert Furr

Samira Ghazal

Paul Gifford

Kevin C. Gleason

Gabriel Gonzalez

Joe Grant

Marcus B. Griggs

Barry Gruher

Heather Harmon

Hayley G. Harrison

Kenneth B. Johnson

Donna R. Joseph


Marian Kennady

Timothy Kingcade

Phil Landau

David Langley

Ronald Lewis, P.A.

Nate Mancuso

Brian Mangines

Michael Mercer

Barry Mittelberg

Paul L. Orshan

Scott A. Orth

Leslie S. Osborne

Jose Antonio Pagan, II

Felipe Plechac-Diaz

Verna Popo

Patricia A. Redmond

Jason Rigoli

Poliana Rivero

Clay Roberts

Kenneth B. Robinson

Cristina B. Rodriguez

Robert W. Rodriguez

Dalyla Santos

Carlos Sardi

Norman L Schroeder II

James Wade Schwitalla

Brad Shraiberg

Richard Siegmeister

Jason Elliot Slatkin

David R. Softness

Abby Steinberg

Charles Throckmorton

Chad Van Horn

Steven E. Wallace

Aaron Wernick