Understanding Bankruptcy (Video), Bankruptcy Basics (Guide), & Glossaries in Spanish and Creole


Click below to view a 36 minute streaming video which follows an individual through the bankruptcy process.  The video includes the following information:  What is bankruptcy, Alternatives to bankruptcy, Types of bankruptcy, What Bankruptcy does NOT wipe out, Examples of property you may exempt, How do I file a bankruptcy case, Meeting of creditors, Bankruptcy crimes, Court hearings, Discharge, Do I need a lawyer, How do I find a lawyer and Online resources for consumer debtors.  The video may also be viewed, without charge, in all three divisions of the bankruptcy clerk’s office in the Southern District of Florida.


The video is currently available for viewing in:  [ENGLISH], [SPANISH], and [CREOLE].  

* Due to the length and quality of the video, a high-speed Internet connection is required.  Videos also require Windows Media Player to view.  Apple users need Windows Media Components for QuickTime (click here to download).  


BANKRUPTCY BASICS (Guide) – This publication is designed to provide basic information to debtors, creditors, the media, and the general public on different aspects of the federal bankruptcy laws.  It also provides individuals who may be considering bankruptcy with a basic explanation of the different chapters under which a bankruptcy case may be filed and to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the bankruptcy process.





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