AO 2017-03 Order Establishing Procedures For Referrals of Certain Suspected Bankruptcy Crimes
GO 2017-01  Order Adopting 2017 Holiday Closing Schedule of United States District Court, Southern District of Florida 
AO 2017-02 Proposed Amended Local Form “Chapter 13 Plan” and Opportunity for Public Comment
AO 2017-01 Adoption of Interim Local Rule 1073-1
AO 2016-07 Adoption of Modified Provisions Authorizing and Implementing Court Registry Investment System (“CRIS”) Previously Adopted Under AO 16-03
AO 2016-06 Adoption of Interim Local Rules 1010-1 and 3070-1
AO 2016-05 Adoption of Interim Local Rule 2090-1
AO 2016-04  Implementation of Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN) Program and Adoption of Related Interim Local Rules 
AO 2016-03  Authorization and Implementation of Court Registry Investment System (“CRIS”)  
AO 2016-02  Adoption of Interim Local Rule 1019-1
AO 2016-01 Electronic Cigarette Policy and Adoption of Interim Local Rule 5072-2(B)
AO 2015-04  Adoption of Amended Local Rules and Clarification of Status of Local Forms, Court Guidelines, Clerk’s Instructions and Administrative Orders
AO 2015-03  Proposed Amended Local Rules, Opportunity for Public Comment 
AO 2014-05  In the Matter of the Appointment of the Clerk for the Southern District of Florida
AO 2014-03 Adoption of Mortgage Modification Mediation Program and Status of Loss Mitigation Mediation Program Adopted Under AO-01 
AO 2013-01  Adoption and Implementation of Loss Mitigation Mediation Program
AO 2012-03 Order Clarifying Status of Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I
AO 2008-02 Order Establishing New Compensation Rate for Mediators and Clarifying Effective Date of New Rate
AO 2007-09 Adoption of Policy Regarding Emergency Closure of Courthouses in the Event of Hazardous Weather Conditions
AO 2007-08 Adoption of Revised Schedule of Transcript Fee Rates