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Video Training Library

These Electronic Learning Modules (ELMs) provide the opportunity for immediate training on a particular task to be performed using CM/ECF.  It also provides the participant guide pdf along with the ELMs.  We encourage limited filers, attorneys and any non-attorney support staff in your office involved in the electronic case filing process to take advantage of these online tutorials. Please visit this area often as new ELMs will be added periodically.

Minimum Requirements

The following minimum requirements are needed to view the ELMs:

  • Flash Player 8.0 or later
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and 256 colors or greater
  • Sound card with speakers or headphones

To get started click on the module to launch the video. Keep in mind that larger files will take longer to download.

 Creditor Attorney Videos
Debtor Attorney Videos
Limited Filer Videos
Module 1 [PDF] Module 1 [PDF] Module 1 [PDF]
Module 2 [PDF] Module 2 [PDF]  Module 2 [PDF]
Module 3 [PDF] Module 3 [PDF] Module 3 [PDF]
Module 4 [PDF] Module 4 [PDF] Module 4 [PDF]
Module 5 [PDF] Module 5 [PDF] Module 5 [PDF]
Module 6 [PDF] Module 6 [PDF]  
Module 7 [PDF] Module 7 [PDF]  
Module 8 [PDF] Module 8 [PDF]  
  Module 9 [PDF]  
  Module 10 [PDF]  
  Module 11 [PDF]