Honorable A. Jay Cristol

Chamber Location: 301 N. Miami Avenue, Room 717, Miami, FL 33128
Courtroom Location: 301 N. Miami Avenue, Courtroom 7, Miami, FL 33128
Judicial Assistant Jennifer Rolph (305) 714-1770
Law Clerk Cheryl Kaplan (305) 714-1770
Courtroom Deputy Barbara Cargill (305) 714-1778
Special Info/procedures:


  1. All orders must be submitted pursuant to the appropriate Local Rule(s).

  2. Any party submitting an order in which the submitting party is mailing copies should include the following language (or similar language) at the end of the order, "John Doe, Esq., is directed to mail a conformed copy of this Order to all interested parties immediately upon receipt of this Order and shall file a certificate of service with the Clerk of the Court."

  3. The title of submitted orders should contain a description of the motion which it resolves AND reflect the Court's decision on the motion. See Local Rules 9004-1, 9004-2, 9072- 1.

  4. Please be sure that all signature pages contain text from the Order.

  5. A copy of the signed order may be returned to you either electronically or conventionally, to serve upon all interested parties. Immediately upon receipt of the copy, you shall mail copies to the other parties in interest and file a Certificate of Service with the Clerk of the Court.

  6. If your proposed order follows a hearing, please refer to the date and time of the hearing in the body of your order. Pursuant to Local Rule 5005-1(G)(1) and the Court's Guidelines for Preparing, Submitting and Serving Orders, proposed orders on non-emergency matters set for hearing should be uploaded via "E-Orders" following the hearing. In undecided matters, attorneys must submit opposing orders to the judge's email inbox at ajc_chambers@flsb.uscourts.gov. All orders should be submitted in MSWord or WordPerfect format.

  7. If your proposed order cancels an upcoming hearing, please refer to the date and time of the cancelled hearing in the body of your order. If the hearing is requested to be cancelled pursuant to agreement of parties, please include the language "agreed" in the title of your agreed order.

  8. Ex parte orders must refer to the filed ex-parte motion. Please include the language "ex parte" in the title of your ex parte order. Agreed orders should also reference the filed agreed motion, and should include the language "agreed" in the title of the agreed order.

  9. Orders requesting Employment of a Professional must reference the filed motion and affidavit of professional to be employed. The specific terms of employment should be set forth in your order. Orders granting employment "on terms set forth in motion" will not be entered. See Local Rule 2014-1; 9013-1(C)(3).

  10. Orders Extending Time to File Schedules, etc. must reference the filed motion. Additionally, in the body of your motion, please state the date of the 341 meeting or state that no meeting has been set. See Local Rule 9013-1(C)(2).

  11. Orders Extending Time to File Complaint Objecting to Discharge or Dischargeability or Objecting to Exemptions must reference the filed motion, and the motion must indicate whether the parties have agreed and should also list the date the petition was filed. See Local Rule 9013-1(C)(6).

  12. Orders submitted after "Negative Notice" must reference the filed certificate of no response and filed motion. The certificate must contain the required language. See Local Rule 9013-1(D)(2).

  13. Check CM/ECF-PACER to determine the status of an order. For routine matters, you may call Judge Cristol's Judicial Assistant to inquire about the status of an order only if seven (7) days have elapsed from the date the order was submitted. For matters taken under advisement, you may call Judge Cristol's law clerk to inquire about the status of the matter only if sixty (60) days have elapsed from the later of the date of submission of proposed orders or memoranda or the date the matter was taken under advisement.

  • Local Rules for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida govern all procedural aspects of the case. Judge Cristol strictly enforces the Local Rules. A copy of the Local Rules may be obtained on this web site or from the Clerk's office.
  • Relief sought by pro se parties should be by motion clearly stating the specific relief requested. Pro se parties should be familiar with and should follow the Local Rules.

  • Judge Cristol does not entertain any oral or ex parte communications. Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9003 prohibits ex parte communications with the judge by any party in interest regarding any matter affecting a particular case.

  • The courtroom deputy will set all hearings (except certain Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 matters which may be self-calendared - see Guidelines for Self-Calendaring), execute the notices and return them to the movant for service. The movant should then file a certificate of mailing along with the notice of hearing with the Clerk of Court prior to the hearing.
  • Continuances of hearings may be requested by an agreed motion for continuance filed with a proposed order. If the parties do not agree, the motion for continuance will be set for hearing.
  • Cases settled prior to a hearing may be removed from the calendar by submission of either an agreed order or notice of withdrawal at least two (2) business days prior to the hearing (please refer to the date of the hearing to be cancelled in the notice or order).
  • For viewing Judge Cristol's Hearing Calendars

  • Telephone appearances are not permitted in evidentiary matters. Requests to appear at a hearing by telephone should be made exclusively to the courtroom deputy at least two business days prior to the hearing. Permission to appear by telephone is granted on a case-by-case basis.

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