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Rules Book
(159 Pages)

Rule 1001-1. Scope of Rules; Sanctions; Waiver; Definitions; Acronyms
Rule 1002-1. Commencement of Case
Rule 1003-1. Involuntary Petitions
Rule 1006-1. Installment Payments and Chapter 7 Fee Waivers
Rule 1007-1. Lists, Schedules, Statements and Other Required Documents; Extension of Time to File
Rule 1007-2. Mailing - List or Matrix
Rule 1007-3. Statement of Intention
Rule 1009-1. Amendments of Petitions, Lists, Schedules, and Statements
Rule 1010-1. Summons in Involuntary Cases; Summons in a Chapter 15 Case Seeking Recognition of a Foreign Nonmain Proceeding
Rule 1013-1. Hearing and Disposition In Involuntary Cases
Rule 1014-1. Transfer of Cases
Rule 1015-1. Joint Administration; Judicial Assignment; Substantive Consolidation
Rule 1017-1. Conversion - Request for/Notice of of
Rule 1017-2. Dismissal of a Case
Rule 1019-1. Conversion and Reconversion - Procedure Following
Rule 1071-1. Divisions - Bankruptcy Court
Rule 1073-1. Divisional and Judicial Assignment of Cases
Rule 1074-1. Corporations
Rule 1075-1. Clerk's Notice to Consumer Debtors Required Under 11 U.S.C. §342(b)
Rule 2002-1. Notices
Rule 2003-1. Meeting of Creditors
Rule 2004-1. Examinations of Debtor and Others
Rule 2007-1. Committee Access to Information
Rule 2014-1. Employment of Professionals
Rule 2015-1. Reports
Rule 2016-1. Compensation for Services Rendered and Reimbursement of Expenses
Rule 2081-1. Chapter 11 - General
Rule 2082-1. Chapter 12 - Final Decree and Discharge
Rule 2083-1. Chapter 13 - General
Rule 2090-1. Attorneys
Rule 2090-2. Attorney Discipline
Rule 2091-1. Attorneys - Withdrawals and Substitutions
Rule 3001-1. Proof of Claim
Rule 3002-1. Filing Proof of Claim or Interest in Chapter 7, 12, or 13 Cases
Rule 3003-1. Filing Proof of Claim or Interest in Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 3007-1. Objections to Claims
Rule 3009-1. Preparation, Filing and Service of Final Report By Trustee.
Rule 3010-1. Deposit of Small Dividends
Rule 3011-1. Unclaimed Funds
Rule 3012-1. Valuation of Collateral
Rule 3015-1. Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Plans
Rule 3015-2. Amendments to Chapter 13 Plans
Rule 3015-3. Chapter 13 Confirmation
Rule 3016-1. Filing of Plan and Disclosure Statement in Small Business Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 3016-2. Filing of Plan and Disclosure Statement in Standard Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 3017-1. Disclosure Statement and Confirmation Hearing - Standard Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 3017-2. Disclosure Statement Approval and Confirmation - Small Business Cases
Rule 3017-3. Disclosure Statement Approval and Confirmation Hearing - Prepackaged Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 3018-1. Ballots. Voting on Chapter 11 Plan - Deadline
Rule 3020-1. Confirmation of Chapter 11 Plans
Rule 3022-1. Final Decree in Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 3070-1. Chapter 13 Payments
Rule 4001-1. Relief From Automatic Stay
Rule 4001-2. Cash Collateral
Rule 4001-3. Obtaining Credit
Rule 4002-1. Debtor’s Duty to Provide Tax Returns to Trustee and Creditors
Rule 4003-1. Exemptions
Rule 4003-2. Avoidance of Liens on Exempt Property
Rule 4004-1. [Note: 4004-1 is a reserved rule number]
Rule 4004-2. Objections to Discharge
Rule 4004-3. Discharge in General
Rule 4006-1. Notice of No Discharge or Waiver or Revocation of Discharge
Rule 4007-1. Modification of Deadline for Objecting to Dischargeability of a Debt
Rule 4008-1. Reaffirmation
Rule 5001-1. Court Administration - Acting Chief Judge; Alternate Judge
Rule 5001-2. Clerk’s Office Locations. Access to Clerk’s Office for Emergency or Time Sensitive Filings
Rule 5003-1. Records Kept by the Clerk. Certified Copies of Court Records
Rule 5003-2. Court Papers - Removal Of
Rule 5005-1. Filing and Transmittal of Papers
Rule 5005-3. Filing Papers - Size of Papers
Rule 5005-4. Electronic Filing
Rule 5007-1. Interpreters; Services for Persons with Communications Disabilities
Rule 5010-1. Reopening Cases
Rule 5011-1. Motions to Withdraw Reference
Rule 5011-2. Abstention
Rule 5071-1. Continuances
Rule 5072-2. Court Security
Rule 5073-1. Photography, Recording, and Broadcasting - Use of Devices Prohibited
Rule 5080-1. Fees
Rule 5081-1. Fees - Form of Payment
Rule 5091-1. Signatures. Judges
Rule 6004-1. Sale of Property
Rule 6005-1. Auctioneers
Rule 6006-1. Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases
Rule 6007-1. Abandonment of Property
Rule 7003-1. Commencement of Adversary Proceedings
Rule 7004-1. [Note: 7004-1 is a reserved rule number]
Rule 7004-2. Summons in Adversary Proceeding. Alias Summons
Rule 7012-1. [Note: 7012-1 is a reserved rule number]
Rule 7016-1. Pretrial Procedure
Rule 7026-1. Discovery - General
Rule 7030-2. Depositions Upon Oral Examination - Reasonable Notice of Taking Depositions
Rule 7041-1. Dismissal of Adversary Proceeding
Rule 7054-1. Taxation of Costs by Clerk; Motion for Fees and Costs
Rule 7055-1. Default
Rule 7056-1. Notice to Individuals Regarding Opposing Motions for Summary Judgment
Rule 7067-1. Registry Funds; Deposit in Court
Rule 7069-1. Execution
Rule 7090-1. Continuance of Pretrial and Trial
Rule 8001-1. Notice of Appeal. Required Content and Fee
Rule 8002-1. Time for Filing Notice of Appeal
Rule 8003-1. Motions for Leave to Appeal
Rule 8005-1. Motions for Stay Pending Appeal
Rule 8006-1. Record and Issues on Appeal
Rule 8011-3. Determination of Motion - Appeal
Rule 8011-4. Emergency Motion - Appeal; Requests to Expedite Appeal
Rule 8014-1. Taxation of Appellate Costs by Clerk; Motion for Fees and Costs
Rule 9004-1. Requirements for Form and Style of Papers
Rule 9004-2. Caption - Papers
Rule 9005-1. Harmless Errors in Setting Deadlines
Rule 9009-1. Local Forms
Rule 9010-1. Notice of Appearance
Rule 9011-4. Signatures
Rule 9013-1. Motions
Rule 9013-2. [Note: 9013-2 is a reserved rule number]
Rule 9013-3. Certificate of Service
Rule 9014-1. Contested Matters
Rule 9015-1. Pleading and Responding to Jury Trial Demand
Rule 9016-1. Subpoenas for Cases in Other Districts
Rule 9019-1. Settlement of Matters
Rule 9019-2. Mediation
Rule 9021-1. Judgments and Orders - Entry of
Rule 9027-1. Removal; Deadline for Motion to Remand
Rule 9036-1. Notice By Electronic Transmission
Rule 9070-1. Exhibits
Rule 9071-1. [Note: 9071-1 is a reserved rule number]
Rule 9071-2. Referral of Pro Se Parties to Pro Bono Representation
Rule 9072-1. Orders - Proposed
Rule 9073-1. Hearings
Rule 9074-1. Appearance by Telephone
Rule 9075-1. Emergency Motions
Rule 9076-1. Electronic Service